Next Generation Preschool Science

What is NGPS?



Next Generation Preschool Science (NGPS) is a 4-year, NSF-funded research and development project. The NGPS team includes a group of education researchers and early science experts at SRI International and the Center for Children and Technology at EDC, a team of developers at WGBH with substantial experience developing apps and resources for classrooms, expert advisors, and partner teachers. Together, we are building out the research base for effective use of technology to support science learning in the preschool classroom.

NGPS 1) integrates established classroom activities with digital learning resources to promote young children’s engagement in science practices and understanding of science concepts, and 2) includes professional development resources to support teachers and guide classroom implementation.

The program will include 3 modules that promote engagement in science practices such as observing, predicting, experimenting, and recording and analyzing data to develop deep understanding of three big ideas:

  1. Change and transformation by exploring plant growth
  2. Force and motion by exploring ramps and pathways
  3. Light and movement by exploring shadows

Under this grant, we are developing:

Research and development work began in the fall of 2013.