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The NGPS team had the honor of visiting our preschool friends for the ribbon cutting ceremony of their new preschool: the Nurtury Learning Lab in Jamaica Plain, MA.

The Mayor of Boston also attended, stating, “All children should have access to the best learning and school readiness opportunities we can provide. The Nurtury Learning Lab at Bromley-Heath is a great example of a service that will greatly impact children’s lives and start them on a path for success.”

The Nurtury is really an amazing building that makes an incredible statement for the importance of early childhood education and development. We are so happy to be partnered with such passionate people!

During our visit, children and teachers got to try out the NGPS prototypes — taking pictures of bean plants and growing sunflowers!

IMG_0780 IMG_0933

See more photos of the event from the Jamaica Plain News.



Children and teachers in our very first field-testing classrooms were excited to see different plants growing so tall – in just a few days! What can carefully-designed iPad apps add to this experience?

In NGPS, children plant and care for beans and other seeds. Using the iPad, children take photos, label emerging parts of their plants, and measure the plants’ heights as they grow. Through complementary digital and hands-on activities, students make predictions, conduct experiments, document their plants’ growth over time, and engage in various other science practice skills. Saving information in their digital toolkit allows children to document and reflect on the incredible journey from seed to plant.