Next Generation Preschool Science is a collaboration between researchers from SRI International (SRI) and Education Development Center (EDC), educational media producers from WGBH, early childhood educators, and expert advisors. The project integrates common and established classroom learning experiences, such as books readings and hands-on investigations, with new, developmentally appropriate digital activities that provide interactive, classroom learning opportunities with unique affordances for science learning. Along with these activities, the project includes strong professional development resources to support teachers and guide classroom implementation. The program is designed to facilitate young children’s engagement in science practices such as questioning, planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing and interpreting data, and constructing explanations to promote understanding of big ideas in the life, physical, and earth science domains—all building blocks for successful science learning in later years.

To develop the program, the team will build upon their experience with a prior NSF-funded project, Next Generation Preschool Mathematics, a collaborative effort to develop an innovative set of evidence-based, digital activities and professional development resources to promote early math learning.


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