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Things are in full swing here with Next Generation Preschool Science!

We’re growing plants, sketching out curricula, wire-framing apps, and asking four-year-olds to video each other’s comments on some funky bean seeds.
Next Generation Preschool Science consists of three preschool science modules that integrate touch-screen tablets to help improve children’s science practices and knowledge. Right now, we’re working on plant growth. Up next: ramps and shadows.

Through this project, we are building the research base on effective use of tablets in early childhood education. All of our development moves forward with careful research and hand-in-hand collaboration with preschool teachers and children.


Our team of researchers and game developers is off and running with researching, designing, and developing traditional and digital science activities and teaching materials for preschools! We’re thrilled to share our journey and learnings with the world through this blog. Stay tuned!

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